Project Documents

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SSC Cicero LLC

Stewart Hancock Partners LLC & Dunn Tire LLC

Ultra Dairy, LLC 2021

Ranalli Super DC, LLC

2021 White Pine Supplemental GEIS

2013 White Pine Final GEIS

2012 White Pine Draft GEIS

Taft Solar LLC 2021

Camillus Mills Redevelopment Company, Inc.

Ur-Ban Villages PFA, LLC

C2 NY Sentinel Heights Solar, LLC

Brolex Plank Road LLC

DL Manufacturing, Inc.

Treyjay Loso, Inc.

OYA Camillus A LLC

OYA Camillus B LLC

Milton CAT 22B

SSC Lysander, LLC

629 LeMoyne Manor, LLC

Milton CAT 18A (Rescinded)

Tracey Road Equipment, Inc.

Abundant Solar Power (E1) LLC

Ultra Dairy 2020

Empire Polymer Solutions, LLC

DG New York CS, LLC (Rescinded)

OYA Solar A

OYA Solar B (Rescinded)

GSPP Caughdenoy Road (Rescinded)

GSPP Sentinel Heights

Cicero Energy Storage I, LLC

Cicero Energy Storage II, LLC

Tessy Plastics Corporation 2020

Taft Road Solar, LLC (Rescinded)

Abundant Solar Power (SK1) LLC

TC Syracuse Development Associates LLC

Project Summary Application Public Hearing Resolution
Public Hearing Minutes 9-19 SEQRA Lead Agency Resolution SEQRA Lead Agency Establishment Resolution
Cover Exhibit A - Project Description Exhibit B - Plans
Exhibit C - Public Services Exhibit D - Arch Elevations Exhibit E - Wetlands with JD and Impact Plan
Exhibit F - SWPPP Full Report Part 1 Exchibit F - SWPPP Full Report Part 2 Exhibit G - Traffic Impact Study Update 10-04-19
Exhibit G - Traffic Impact Study appendices only Exhibit H - Energy Conservation Exhibit I - Sound Study
Exhibit J - T&E Exhibit K - SHPO Letter FEAF Part 1
02- Proposed Perspectives 02a-Visual Impacts Narrative 03-Utility Will-Serves
2019-10-Updated Traffic Study Appendices Distribution Facility Update 2019-10-02 SWPPP Full Report
Architectural Plans Elevations and Sections Legal Description Site Plan Set Part 1
Site Plan Set Part 2 Langan Cover Letter to OCIDA 10-15-19 SEQRA Notice Regarding Amended Application to Interested Agencies
10-15-19 SEQRA Notice Regarding Amended Application to Involved Agencies 10-21-19 SEQRA Notices Regarding Amended Project Materials to Interested Agencies 10-21-19 SEQRA Notices Regarding Amended Project Materials to Involved Agencies
Public Hearing Minutes 10-19 SEQR Resolution Approving Resolution
Interim Sales Tax Exemption Local Access Waiver Policy Interim Sales Tax Ex Extension Resolution
Assignment Resolution CF Anaconda-Amazon Approving Lease Resolution Sales and Use Tax Exemption Reallocation Public Hearing Resolution
CF Ananconda SYR LLC Approving Resolution PILOT Agreement Amendment to Project Agreement
Omnibus Assignment and Assumption Agreement Payment in Lieu of Tax Agreement Sub-Agent Agreement
Thirty Day Sales Tax Report for Company Thirty Day Sales Tax Report for Sub-Agent Project Agreement
Underlying Lease Lease Agreement

The Widewaters Group Inc.

Bodycote Syracuse Heat Treating Corporation (Rescinded)

Conifer Village

Morgan B-Ville

Propel Pharmacy, LLC (Rescinded)

Buckeye Corrugated (Rescinded)

BWI Hotel Acquisitions I, LLC

Flex-Hose Company, Inc.

Cryomech, Inc.

Willow Brook of Manlius, LLC (Rescinded)

VIP True North, LLC

DOT Foods, Inc.

Syracuse Label Co., Inc.

Ultra Dairy, LLC

ArmouredOne, LLC

G & C Food Distributors & Brokers, Inc. #2

Upstate Coin & Gold (Rescinded)

Addcom Electronics

Immediate Mailing Services, Inc.

NexGen Power Systems, Inc.

Specialists' One Day Surgery, LLC

United Radio, Inc. (Rescinded)

Air Innovations, Inc.

Old Thompson Road, LLC

Shining Stars Day Care, Inc.

Morse Manufacturing Co., Inc.

Welch Allyn, Inc.

BlueRock Energy, Inc.

8324 Oswego Road, LLC

Antonino Holdings, LLC

JMA Wireless

Destiny USA Real Estate

O'Connell Electric Company, Inc.

Towne Center Retirement Community, LLC

CP 850, LLC (Final Expansion)

Prima Terra Properties, LLC

Tessy Plastics Corp.

G & C Food Distributors and Brokers, Inc.

CP 850, LLC

COR Inner Harbor Company, LLC

Cintas Corporation No. 2

Hinsdale Road Group, LLC

Etna Development Company

Syracuse Binghamton & New York Railroad Corporation


Barbagallo's Tavern, Inc.

Syracuse Property Partners

Cor Aspen Park Boulevard Company, LLC