General Resolutions

435 North Salina Street Resolution 2-23

435 North Salina Street SEQR Resolution 2-23

Adoption of New Records Retention & Disposition Schedule Resolution

Amendment to Service Agreement Resolution

Amendment to Service Agreement Resolution 11-22

Appointing Resolution 2-23

Appointment Resolution

Assumption of Contract Topo-Survey Services Resolution 2-23

Audit Services Resolution 2022

Authorize Execution of Amendment to Brownfield Site Cleanup Agmt Resolution

Authorize Execution of Agmts for Purchase & Sale of RE Resolution

 CNYIBA Consulting Services Agreement

Clay FD Route 31 SEQR Resolution

Counsel & Special Counsel Services Resolution 2022

County Funding Acceptance Resolution

County Funding Amendment Resolution 

Engineering RFP Resolution 2023

Engineering Firm Services Resolution 2-23

Execution of an Interagency Agreement Resolution 

Government Services RFP Resolution

Interagency Agreement Resolution

Marketing RFP Resolution 2022

No Recapture Resolution 2022

NYS & W Funding Support Resolution

Organizational Resolution 2022

PR Marketing RFP Resolution 2023

Public Relations-Marketing Services Resolution 12-22

Public Relations-Marketing Services Contract Resolution 2-23

Restated ByLaws - Super Majority Resolution

Restated ByLaws - Executive Director Resolution

Revised Application Approval Resolution

Revised Application Resolution 2022

8617 Burnet Road SEQR Resolution

Route 31 and Burnet Road SEQR Resolution

8688 Burnet Road SEQR Resolution

8677 Burnet Road SEQR Resolution

8699 Burnet Road SEQR Resolution

Selecting Firms to Assist with Counsel, Special Counsel and General Legal Services Resolution

Selecting Firms to Assist with Audit Services Resolution

Suspension of service Agreement Resolution 2-23

Videoconferencing Resolution 2-23

White Pine SEQR Resolution 

UTEP Resolution 9-2020