Onondaga County Industrial Development Agency

OCIDA benefits are generally available to projects that generate 51% or more of their revenue outside of Onondaga County.


OCIDA's mission is to stimulate economic development, growth, and general prosperity for the people of Onondaga County by using available incentives, rights, and powers in an efficient and cooperative manner.

Tax Management

Qualified OCIDA projects are eligible for sales, mortgage, and real property tax exemptions.

OCIDA offers property tax abatement, through PILOT Agreements, to companies that are expanding in Onondaga County.

OCIDA offers sales tax abatement for the purchase of machinery, materials, equipment, site work, and other capital expenditures to companies that are expanding in Onondaga County.

For more information please contact the OCIDA staff.


OCIDA may assist project financing by issuing taxable and tax exempt bonds and by providing information on complementary financing such as fixed asset and working capital lending programs.