About Filming in CNY

No matter the size or type of production that you are interested in filming in Onondaga County and Central New York, please know that the Film Commission is here to make your filming, living and working experience in our area as enjoyable, simple and exciting as possible. Please be sure to check back in with us on a regular basis as we are continuing to grow our resources daily. Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions that you may have. Thank you for considering Onondaga County and Central New York for your next production!

Tax Incentives

  • Information regarding New York State’s Film and Television tax credits can be found at nylovesfilm.com
  • Please note that Onondaga County and Central New York are eligible for an additional 10% boost on top of current tax incentives, one of the highest in the country.

Location Scouting

  • Onondaga County’s diverse landscape gives film makers an array of locations to shoot. From the inner city to suburban farmlands, we have the ability to create or replicate any type of location a production team is in search of.
  • Please refer to our flickr account to view just a few of our amazing locations.

Filming Permits

  • When filming in some areas of Syracuse, filming permits will be needed, particularly when sidewalks and streets or closed or when parking spaces are needed to be used by a production. We will walk you through the application process and get permits turned around in a timely fashion.


  • We have an increasingly growing number of experienced crew members in our area ranging from grips and gaffers to electricians and PA’s.
  • With numerous universities in and around the Greater Syracuse area, we are able to provide interns for positions that need to be filled on and off set.


  • Central new York has large pool of local talent ranging from actors and actresses to hair/makeup and wardrobe professionals in our region.

Post Production

  • In the Summer of 2015 the SUNY Nano Tech/ Film House Hub will be complete and will be able to accommodate all post production needs.


  • Numerous hotels, restaurants and car services have partnered with the Film Commission to offer considerable discounted rates to film industry professionals.
  • If long term stay is needed, our real estate professionals can assist with apartment or home rental, furnished or unfurnished.